Our Services

Translation & Localization

Translate your game into Chinese along with localized Steam store page.

We have a well-tested quality monitoring system and can provide LQA services for your game builds.

Our native-speaking linguists go beyond basic translation to localize and culturalize your game, adapting its culture to China market.

Influencers & PR

Visibility is critical and we can help by exposing your game to more people in a crowded and ever-growing digital market.

By working with the most popular streamers, game media, and social networks, we can help your game reach the right audience.

Community Management

We provide high-quality & efficient customer services and maintain long-term relationships between you and Chinese players.

Host community events to spice things up and to increase players’ engagement.

Update translated dev news and game info to fans in time.

Game Event

Showcasing your game in physical and digital game events will be very helpful to attract loyal players and gain exposures in Chinese game community.